Jeroboam 3L Amaro Forte - DELUXY
Jeroboam 3L Amaro Forte - DELUXY
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  • Jeroboam Strong bitter
  • Ticket and gift box included
  • Chosen to amaze by Deluxy Experts
  • Jeroboam Strong bitter
  • Ticket and gift box included
  • Chosen to amaze by Deluxy Experts

3LITER STRONG AMARO BUNCHES IN BOX WITH XL PIPETTE In the past, popular tradition has handed down the preparation of infusions with a strong flavor through the use of herbs with a distinctly bitter flavor used for purifying, digestive and regenerating purposes for religious and health reasons. From a secret recipe created in the Benedictine Monastery, which stood at the top of Altavilla Monferrato, Amaro Forte has been handed down, an authentic concentrate of that hortus simplicium, the ancient garden of simple medicines, where the plants then selected were once grown by monks to prepare compounds and medicines. Licorice, dandelion, cinchona and peppermint are among the strongest notes.


Ideal for:

  • Birthdays
  • Surprises
  • Anniversaries

This composition comes with a personalized handwritten card and gift card.

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