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  • An unforgettable dish for a luxury experience
  • Accessories and condiments included
  • Chosen to amaze by Deluxy Experts
Customise with one of our experts

  • An unforgettable dish for a luxury experience
  • Accessories and condiments included
  • Chosen to amaze by Deluxy Experts

The difference between our pasta and noodles is that pasta is made of durum wheat flour and is drawn, while noodles do not use durum wheat flour and are cut directly from the pasta sheet with little moisture. For a business lunch, a more intimate moment, a dinner with friends or, alternatively, a cuddle at your home; Nikky Sushi selections are always perfect to amaze the senses.

The Noodles selection offers the following possibilities:

Choose the type of pasta

  • Soba fine buckwheat noodle flavored with green
  • Udon thick wheat noodle

Choose the toppings

  • Shiromy pasta sautéed with mixed fish, prawns and vegetables
  • Chikin pasta stir-fried with chicken and vegetables
  • Thai pasta sautéed with prawns, chicken, vegetables and curry

    Live the experience of unique and luxury Japanese cuisine, let yourself be amazed by the taste of Nikky Sushi's exclusive menus.

    Home delivery for you, already today in white gloves in Milan.

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