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cleaved 1969

The Milan of 1969 is a city that grows vertically, quickly and wisely. A city made up of men and women whose alarm clock rings at dawn every morning, because there is a lot of work to do when you make a dream come true. In fact, Pasticceria Clivati ​​was born with the idea of ​​a dream, by the founder and master pastry chef Angelo Clivati ​​and we like to think that each of its bricks is imbued with the much loved "Gran Milan".


Colomba Clivati 1969 - DELUXY
Torta Venere Clivati - DELUXY
Colazione a 5 stelle - Clivati 1969 (2/3 Persone) - DELUXY
Torta dell'Amore - Clivati 1969 Limited Edition - DELUXY
Torta della Mamma - DELUXY


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