Deluxe Artist
Adolfo Stefanelli

The philosophy behind the Adolfo Stefanelli pastry shop is to create the highest quality products for everyone, without any exclusion, trying to satisfy any need that the customer may have, from flourless to no milk, up to vegan proposals.
All creations arise from constant research into the product, from processing to techniques to combinations, and are prepared mainly by hand, without the use of machinery, favoring craftsmanship to always have a fresh and fragrant product.
Only excellent raw materials of mostly Italian origin are selected, with the exception of chocolate and French butter, favoring cane and unrefined sugars and avoiding products containing alcohol; great attention is also paid to the seasonality of the ingredients - such as figs, chestnuts and cherries for the Boers - from which Adolfo draws great inspiration and creativity to develop his recipes.


Adolfo Stefanelli

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