Last December, Marco contacted us to surprise his wife Clara; he wanted to show her that although daily life could often dry up souls, after 15 years together, his love for her was still alive and thriving.

We recommended him a romantic gift for Christmas, the Scrigno Deluxy.

On the morning of December 25th, the Valet Deluxy in white gloves gave Clara her unique gift: an elegant box of personalized Macarons, a bouquet of red roses, some polaroids depicting the most beautiful memories spent together, a sparkling necklace and a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

Clara's eyes filled with emotion, her face lit up, her smile opened framed by rosy cheeks colored by that romantic and elegant gesture; she didn't expect that her husband could pamper her with so much love and make her feel like a princess with that luxurious gesture.

With the help of Deluxy, Marco succeeded in his aim, creating not just a gift for Clara, but an eternal memory of love and magic.

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