“One, two… three hundred roses for you”

Is there a number to quantify the deepest and most intense love? Probably not and there isn't even a suitable unit of measurement but, for Deluxy, it's not the number that counts as much as the effect.

The marriage proposal we are describing today would require as many as 300 lines, one for each Red Rose given by Diego to his better half, Camilla, and as many would be needed to describe the emotion she felt when they were delivered to her door in a “very normal” Monday morning.

The story of Camilla and Diego begins after a difficult period, passed between university and work commitments that force the two to meet in their spare time or remotely through evening video calls in search of mutual support. She, 25, at the end of her university career and he, thirty, with a small company behind him. Both ambitious to make a difference in the world and willing to share their life journey together. Diego thus decides to take the step, organize a declaration of love to unite his life with that of Camilla forever.

Step into the game Stefania, our Deluxy Expert, professional in creating elegant and breathtaking surprises. Diego calls Stefania for advice and help in developing his surprise and our expert already knows who to contact.

The answer to everything you are looking for is in the red petals of the Maryflor roses, defined by many as "the most beautiful roses in the world" because the world of Deluxy revolves around quality partners who reflect the highest standards to satisfy all needs. Stefania immediately gets in touch with Enzo, the Maryflor flower designer and explains the situation to find the right idea. Enzo's experience doesn't disappoint and he immediately sets out in search of the perfect flower. Thus begins the process of selecting red roses, examining them one at a time and finding the right one for Diego and Camilla. In this way he creates an incredible bouquet, colored bright red like the passion of the two lovers and made up of 300 strictly selected roses. Diego can only be happy to have found what he was looking for and can't wait to see the expression of the unsuspecting Camilla.

On Monday morning, our Valet shows up at the girl's door, followed by a load of love worthy of the most romantic film. At the mere sight of the roses, Camilla almost faints and Diego rushes to her aid, taking her in his arms, just like Prince Charming saves his princess. Today the two young lovers are husband and wife and we feel we have helped to change their lives forever.

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