Between flowers and Smurfs

This is the story of Smurfette, who is not the female protagonist of the famous animated series but the nickname that Michele, in an affectionate way, gave to his sweet half who loves the Smurfs, Chiara.

Michele is a 26-year-old boy with an urgent problem to solve, to surprise Smurfette in a unique and unforgettable way for her birthday.
Who better than our experts to help him make the gift of his dreams come true?
Stefano, our Deluxy Expert , is immediately contacted to organize the details of the surprise.

Deluxy , to meet the needs of its customers, aims at the highest quality and makes use of a network of professionals and craftsmen to respond to any type of request.

Our reference in this case is called Enzo, flower designer of Maryflor and creator of some of the most beautiful floral arrangements imaginable.

Stefano and Enzo immediately understand how best to combine all the ingredients for the perfect gift. Using the colorful and fresh flowers of Maryflor, Enzo gives life to a wonderful hatbox with very lively white and pink flowers . Inside it manages to recreate a fantastic setting, worthy of the cartoon: a wedding of the Smurfs surrounded by flowers and colors , capable of bringing the birthday girl into a magical world at first glance.

Stefano orchestrates everything and provides the inevitable personalized dedication written by our professional calligraphers..." I love you Smurfette, your Michele ".

Thanks to Deluxy, love and thoughts of him manage to reach the heart of the girl from London who, stuck in Milan due to Covid, finds a fantastic smile and forgets for a few moments the distance that separates them.

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