"The Red Thread"

Our second story begins in Sardinia, in the splendid setting of Golfo Aranci. The protagonists? A young couple in love, Christian and Martina.

The two are faced with one of the greatest enemies of love, the distance.

Martina, taken from work in Sardinia for three months, finds herself together with Christian to face the challenge of distance and nostalgia, often the cause of breakups and separations.

But that won't be the case, because Deluxy is here for them.

Christian, determined to prove his love, is looking for a surprise that thrills and amazes his girlfriend. So he decides to contact our experts to find support and receive concrete help to make his dream come true.

Luca, our Deluxy Expert, is immediately ready to listen to every request to best celebrate the feeling of the two boys.

And here's the idea: to reach Martina with a red thread, apparently a thin piece of rope but in reality the symbol of love that doesn't break even in the face of distance.

Our white gloves thus leave for Sardinia, transporting the surprise by sea and by land, up to the unsuspecting recipient.

Martina receives her gift in the following days and between happiness and emotion, she bursts into a sea of ​​tears giving our story an ending worthy of the most romantic fairy tale.

Today the two boys share this experience with us and keep an unforgettable memory with them, thanks also to our experts and the passion that Deluxy employs every day for the satisfaction of its customers.

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