A Deluxy' Christmas Experience. The Magical Journey

Today we want to share the story of Luca, a young man who, like many of you, chose Deluxy; he did it for the first time just last Christmas, precisely in search of something that was anything but banal and that was able to reflect the peculiarity of his feelings and emotions.

Luca wanted to make his beloved Sofia's Christmas memorable, something that would remain in their hearts forever. He decided it had to be an exclusive, luxurious experience that lived up to what Sofia meant to him and represented their love. Searching he found Deluxy and noticed our Christmas travel experience; Enthusiastic about being able to personalize his gift, he contacted us explaining his idea and together we planned an extraordinary weekend.

Luca organized all the preliminary steps and his surprise began with a Valet Deluxy who on December 22nd delivered a note written by a calligrapher and closed with lacquer wax to Sofia where it was written that he had to prepare to leave on the 24th and 25 and a few other simple and cryptic indications.

On the morning of the 24th we went to pick Luca up in a luxury car with a splendid Bouquet and a Clivati ​​breakfast box on board for two; we therefore headed towards Sofia's house. When Sofia started to realize what she was starting she was immediately thrilled, her excitement for the adventure was uncontainable!

We escorted the couple to a mountain bay amidst the enchantment of a snowy landscape. The horses waited with the sleigh, ready to take them on a romantic ride under delicate snowflakes. Luca and Sofia wrapped themselves in warm blankets as the horses led them through silent paths, with only the sound of their laughter and sleigh bells.

Once they arrived at their destination, a dinner prepared by a private chef awaited them, who had created a tailor-made menu to satisfy their every desire. The warmth of the fireplace, the soft lights and the breathtaking view made that dinner an unforgettable culinary and romantic experience.

After dinner, the luxury continued with a private spa reserved just for them. Relaxing massages and hot baths contributed to creating an atmosphere of intimacy and serenity. The cold of winter was forgotten as they indulged in the pleasures of relaxation.

The next morning, under blue skies and radiant sunshine, the couple awoke to a romantic champagne brunch. But Luca had one last surprise in store. As he raised his glass to toast the love that united them, he pulled out a case inside which was a sparkling ring. Luca got down on his knees and asked Sofia to spend the rest of her life with him.

The tears of happiness in Sofia's eyes were the answer Luca had dreamed of. Their Christmas became an indelible chapter in their love story, framed by the magic of Deluxy and the beauty of the snowy landscape.

And finally that evening, we brought Luca and Sofia back to the city, to Luca's house, where a fine bottle and a sublime Gastronomic Panettone signed by our partner Stefanelli were waiting for them. They spent the rest of the evening celebrating, hugged and happy, immersed in the love and beauty of the magical experience they had that would remain in their hearts forever.

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