3 Unforgettable Experiences of this Easter

Home delivery of Easter eggs
Easter is a time of joy, rebirth and sharing with loved ones.
This year, Deluxy.it experienced a truly unforgettable Easter, full of events, surprises and special moments.
Here are the 5 things we will always remember about this extraordinary holiday.

"Love Wherever You Are"

One of the most exciting Easter surprises we created on Deluxy.it was the creation and home delivery of a one-of-a-kind Easter egg, destined to unite two distant hearts. The theme chosen for the egg was the sea thanks to our home egg delivery service, the Easter work of art undertook a journey that took it from the hands of our artist Solbiati to Rovigo (245KM DI DISTANCE!), where it was delivered directly into the hands of the recipient.

"Pink or Blue?": The gender reveal egg

In this case, the parents-to-be decided to reveal the sex of their upcoming baby through a unique Easter egg, delivered directly to their home. To create this surprise, we created an Easter egg with a delicate and refined aesthetic, containing a series of blue and pink colored eggs inside. The prevailing color among the eggs would have revealed the sex of the unborn child. The moment the parents opened the egg, they discovered that the predominant color was pink, announcing the arrival of a sweet little girl!

"Dream of the East": Giant eggs straight from Dubai

An amazing and unique experience we had on Deluxy.it involves the creation and delivery of giant eggs. Our client wanted to surprise his partner with an extraordinary Easter gift, a work of art capable of leaving you speechless.
For this project, we collaborated with the artist Enrico Rizzi, who created giant eggs decorated with skill and refinement to create a truly spectacular visual effect. The surprise effect was guaranteed, and the moment of discovery became an unforgettable experience for the couple.

...and much more!

In addition to these incredible experiences, on Deluxy.it we had the opportunity to create many other personalized Easter surprises, each of which gave unique and unforgettable emotions to the recipients. We are proud to have helped make Easter special for so many people, and we look forward to continuing to do so in the coming years.

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