Deluxe Artist

A small family-run company that boasts decades of experience in the sector and carries out its business with passion and dedication. Sensitive to beauty, in all its expressions in nature, they love playing with the various elements available and giving joy with their creativity.
Maryflor offers seasonal flowers and extraordinary tropical varieties, orchid plants, from the classic white ones to the more special ones with incredible colours, the rarest cacti but also the most trendy plants, vases of every shape and size, the best fragrances for the environment on the market, design objects and furnishing accessories of particular refinement.


Bouquet Vivace creato da Maryflor Milano con consegna a domicilio dagli esperti Deluxy in guanti bianchi con un biglietto personalizzato scritto a mano e carta regalo
Peonie Rosa - DELUXY
Cappelliera di Peonie - DELUXY
Cuoricini Enrico Rizzi - DELUXY

Enrico Rizzi

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